Longing & Mallëngjimi #Poezi


Today in my favorite,
A longing that made me tremble:
A light shadow turned to me,
Looked at me at the’s. Made me sad.

Everything looks dark on the horizon,
The Swans, the ships, the rain in April
You fall, we’re approaching in the colours
The Café de ville is all alive.

You’re so close to me, I see your smile.
The miserly waiter only brings one cup,
I don’t understand he can’t see you.
The wind brought you, the reason brought you.


N ‘ favorite coffee today I got out
A longing of soul most drithëroi,
Easy Shade took place nearby,
I’m not crazy. I’m sorry.

Everything looks grey n ‘ space
Swans, rain ships in April
You fall without the color of the color.
It all takes life n ‘ Café de puke.

How close are you to see me smile
Waiter Scrooge Cup to brought me
And I have no idea how he can’t see you.
When the wind brought you, your mind took you.

© Cannonball-Julie Krasniqi
Translate by Andrea G.


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