Brahim Ibish AVDYLI:

This voluminous work is a collection of a large number of writings, starting from scientific definitions, few documentary analysis, from general articles and other work, including photos serving as evidence from earlier times up to date, considering that first of all our politicians exposed their true self and what they need to do. They cannot be trusted since they are misleading their wise people; they have forgotten the sacred saying of their grandfathers that “a piece of land is worth a fortune” and being of such a great value must not be given away nor sold this land of the nation. Kosova’s land does not belong to their family for them to sell it as they wish, but it is our homeland, passed on from generation to generation entrusted to our leadership. Giving away a piece of land, and its soil, to the enemy, when instead they go back to where it all started, 20 years ago, before there was a great war for liberation, with so many victims, with so much hardship, and many losses, with so many difficulties, from the rampant violence of Serb pretenders, who won’t release it from their demonic claws. Now, Republic of Kosova is seemingly accomplished, with the freedom, independence, democracy. However it is being spun around the liars that are among us and around Serbian-Greek- Russian deceivers, who even after 20 years from the liberating war, do not want to recognize the Republic of Kosova. Despite the war that took place, they want to extort 1/3 of its territory, by causing us great disappointment and even buying it with money as a result of never ending corruption in politics.

The black eagle and emblem of Illyria, taken from history and later given as a flag to so-called Turkey

The political corruption of those whose language is the mother tongue of the world, Albanian, is a corruption entangled in the chains of bargains concerning our land, the so called “Kosova”, which is the sacred and fertile land of Dardania, the remains of which today are small pieces of land called parcels in the depth of which are hiding our nation’s enemies, for the purpose of further dividing it until it is ultimately gone after its vital valuables have been extorted from it.

Our politicians appropriate the words we have written in dozens of our writings published in many newspapers or electronic media, and then they use them for their deceiving purposes, with no reference to our names, doing the utmost to leave us in oblivion. They have seized all the media, TV, radio and to some extent also the public, leaving them in ignorance with no information about what our rotten politics is doing. I have indicated in the beginning: one who plays with the fate of people is a traitor! There are many like that!

Kosovo with the Albanian national flag, which shows that over 80 percent are of Albanian nationality

For these reasons firstly I am explaining in tens of manners: who is the inside enemy and who the outside enemy, so that our masses know better who they are following. Serbia has many unpaid debts towards us dating back centuries ago, with many territories left out of Kosova, and inside its territory. Serbs are not even a “nation” but a conglomerate of ethnic minorities and social stratum of servants. We are the Arbans, Arbers, Albans, Arnauts, Arvanites and Albanians, therefore the ancient Illyrians, as some call us in some ways or we call ourselves without thinking about who we really are. We speak the Albanian language during millennia and not only since the Congress of Manastir in 1905, which was a serious challenge to save the Albanian nation from being depopulated, however not the one and only attempt. The Albanian language is a proof of millennia, it is the language of Albanis and Skipetars, it is part of the old Pelasgian-Illyrian names throughout the world, it is the symbolic behind the first letters used by the entire world without knowing the original people to whom they belong. Majority of them have been taken from the old Albanian language.

The complete map of the so called “Balkans” – not to be named “The Illyrian Peninsula” by Eduard Stanford, London-UK, on ​​the eve of the Berlin Congress

Dardania on the other hand is very old. We are not even aware when we discuss about this subject. We start from the Greek and Roman literature and thus we confuse even more our knowledge. We trust only the literature and so unconsciously fall prey to it. In fact, the First Dardania is our actual Dardania; Second Dardania is in Asia Minor; Third Dardania is again in its original location and this is the Kingdom of Dardania, as documented from the Greek and Roman writings that were found. Falling into the trap of Greek and Roman literature means not knowing the bitter truth on how the world was created. Serbs, our nation’s enemy, are quick into serving lies to the world with their fabricated truth. Only a looser relates to such lies and since they are nothing specific they are only used by the Serbs to cover their feelings of having lost and thus continue to tell their lies to the world, on and on. Thus the truth is lost in the world entangled in a net of many lies.

The first flag of the Service – not Serbia, which is two eponymous eagles of the cross in the middle, like the Swiss, with red color around the eagle, as if our national flag

Dardania used to be one of the biggest and most important areas of Illyrians. Dardania up and Epirus down (Southern Epirus which today is called Çamëria and falls under the so called Greece) carry as the eagle in its wings the Albanian language, Albania. Our unscrupulous adversaries, in Serbia, Greece and Russia, are doing the utmost to prevent this eagle from spreading its wings and flying free and vivacious, and thus leaving Albania below its merited place in the grand arena of nations.

While the origin of Serbs derives from a conglomerate of Illyrian- Vlachian minorities, alenian knights or very few from the Qashqai tribe, in today’s Iran, who came here in the last stage of the Byzantine Empire, under the leadership of the Illyrian-Pelasgian tribes that were carrying our double- headed eagle flag in red and black and the orthodox religion. As so, the religion is one of the three secondary issues, which has become primary, also in their claim of being a “nation”, which is not true, because without a common language, without a free homeland, for a long period of time, one cannot approach a religion with confidence. Period when the Serbs “were established” is quite recent compared to a number of states that were established with the Albanian territories. Their lies have no scientific or historical backup thus they serve only to the pseudo science instead. Serbian history is overwhelmed with such lies. Their fabrications continued further and went on and on for many years, through millennia.

The complete map of Europe, where Illyria is spreading on three continents, with a red and smoothed color, while on the Danube of the upper side were placed avars, Slavs on them, as avars

The first mistake of the human is the lie. When Kosova is concerned, please read entirely the book “Survey on Kosova and its borders”. In this book you will find everything! The lie is the origin of injustice, of the evil.

This is the way how our government was created, from the Serbian-French and Russian-Greek deceptions, starting from Rambouillet and up to date. Creating a “government of war” now explains all the games. I have deconspired a pseudonym, in exception to some others and I have provided an explanation to this issue, same like the others, one by one. It is in these writings that all is explained even to the smallest detail. This one thing I am saying for the first time. It is the “forgetfulness” by others of the integral line for solving the Albanian cause, which was my suggestion, but no one ever mentioned. I even have stressed it out many times only rendered no result. I have requested for a nationwide general mobilization, for a specific resistance and for liberation of territories invaded by our biggest enemies: Serbs, Slavs and Greeks, including the Turks and Russians. Albania showed no will to do so, neither did the invaded Kosova. I have emphasised also at the Assembly of Albanian Intellectuals of Istanbul, on 24-28 November 1995, to call for an all-Albanian mobilization, being the third party, out of state, but there as well continued with the political rhetoric and supported the second line, partial line, which derived from the word parcel, breaking into pieces, according to administrative divisions, to Albania, Macedonia, Kosova and Serbia. The second party was built on the partial line, Albanian lands, or semi Albanian.

Whereas my surveys have been tested to a great deal since April 2002, when we could see in reality how our politics were to deviate, in the new circumstances of the so called “partial solution” for Kosova, same as the one of Albania. I was aware of this issue even before, since the 1990’s and onward. I tried to no avail to change that, but I was in no possession of real proof. The mass distanced entirely from me. I had no person standing beside me, etc., as they were divided and distanced from me entirely by the politics of great divisive depopulation, declining, partition, evaporation of power out of our hands, of resources, even of the voice, which remained alone, in solitude, a voice that cried to no avail. This was the “Serbian” method of “government”, which was “planted” through violence for many years; the communist or socialist method, even in Albania; the hegemony method in Greece, Serbia and Russia. To destroy entirely the origin of the world, to annihilate those who survived up to date, the most noble of people- the Albanians, and thus substituting the original people with their bastards: Serbophiles; Russiophiles, Grecophiles, Turkophiles and others to rule us, making us head towards the destruction.

All the participants of the Tirana (Albania) International (Scientific) Assembly, from 9 to 12 May 2019, in which I have held a press release on the old Dardania and Kosovo today

Unification of a nation, joining into a single unit, is out of question. Integrational philosophy does not relate to further dispersion. Dispersion implied “parcializing choices”, which were no choice at all, but instead the separation, division and reduction, same as it happens to a man and a woman, wanting to divide a parcel. The power is in unity and not in division. Together with the wife, family, fraternity, relatives, with the tribe, with other tribes of the same nation, we make the power. That who makes the power, speaks slowly and with pedantry gaining respect of the others. Autocracy means violence, it is created through violence, it is led by violence, produces more violence and joins through violence, until it ends with tragedy. It is therefore a “Balkanic” and Eastern method. The opposite of it is the democracy, thus of the people, of refrain, of peace, of awareness, quiet, solving a problem with understanding.

Serbs on the other hand are Balkanians, who apply violence, blaze, and fire over wise populations and nations, through trickery, deceptions, using violent politics, Eastern, as resurrected by Lucifer, from the demons! Serbs were never Slavic, but it was Russia who lured them into this and they accepted as it was convenient to them. What are the so called ‘Serbs”, they are originating from a minority of a Turkish tribe Ogar and have the rigidity of beasts, who then were mixed among the Illyrian tribes and have a different religion, Orthodox religion, therefore schismatic, who were called also by the Ghegs or the earliest part of the Pelasgian-Illyrian- Albanian nation, as “shkja”, and their efforts are towards appropriating as much as possible through force from the others. Therefore it is part of their innate nature to rob: to seize the land, goods, assets, above and below the ground, such as “Trepça” enterprise; the wealth and the purest of gold; to rape; to brutalize; to go beyond the reason; to make one insane; to murder the innocent; to depopulate, etc.

Serbian Patriarchate and the Greek Patriarchate are the same thing, from down and from above; to engulf the Illyrian-Albanian nation, to bite off pieces from up to down, in order to neutralize and dissolve Dardania and do the same for Çamëria; within Albania, inventing through trickery conclusions on how our language is allegedly a “product” of Turkish-Greek-Latin-Serbian languages, all of which are very recent languages; and thus destroy the Albanian nation.

The so called “Western Balkans” union, under the inducement of Serbia to revive the old aspirations of some of the countries surrounding us, should be out of the consideration. The great and urgent cause of Albanians remains the just solution, as our nation deserves. It is like being in the position of a mother, who has done the utmost to raise all of its children, so they become independent and dignified, but instead the children return to the mother with punches, with ungratefulness, with ignorance, etc.

Kingdom of Dardania and Kosovo today

Now, the globalization as an ideology comes to expression. Europe must find time for solving the issues of small nations, as we are a result of numerous wars through millennia, which were never our choice, but we became involved in them and we have strived to save even Europe. Europe should focus in the integral solutions, instead of partializing solutions.

There is no Europe without us! Europe should not approve of obsequious governments, but instead hear what the people of Kosova want, how the Albanian nation wants, not what the corrupted governments are saying, both governing and opposition parties, who fight among themselves for power and for sharing their corruption deals. The third line should come into consideration, not the government and opposition. Our nation is a valuable part of civilizations in this Europe, all the way to England. We are members of Illyrian-Pelasgian nation. Everywhere and always we prefer hard work, instead of the flattery of scoundrels! As always, we have built our houses, buildings, stadiums, roads, bridges; we have paved the sidewalks, even in cobblestone, not the Turks. This ancient peaceful nation is guarding your predecessors: Etruscans, Avrenes, Alemans, Goths, Basks, etc. Using the Albanian language it is possible to decipher all your names; names of places and other things; to decipher the genesis for you and for itself.

Brahim Avdyli: “Sontazhe për Kosovën dhe kufirin e saj” (Articles, and publicity, science or journalistic analysis), in press, Pristina 2019

As the great scientist Maximilian Lambertz has said, the true history of humankind cannot be written without the written participation of Albanians. Albanian people and nation, who live separated into several states, know no violence, injustice, flattery, lies, betrayals etc., but hard work, fairness, freedom, independence, democracy and patience. Honour, good will, nobility, character, dignity, although poor and torn apart from thousands of years of barbarity, are the qualities of Illyrian-Pelasgian Albanian nation.

Therefore in conclusion the focus of the European politics and their stance should be more concerning the Albanian cause, against the geopolitical issues that involve our territories; our voice needs to be further clearly heard for protecting our territories, which is our cause that requires to be solved; a higher constructiveness of our progress; to generate alternatives which are fully sustainable regarding the Albanian cause; to overcome the opportunistic claims of day-to-day politics, both internal and external, European and Albanian, etc., in order to come up with a solution that would have a positive impact and would improve ours and Europe’s approach towards our common leadership, which would imply the unification of our political stances.

We are looking forward to your statement!…


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