By : Flori Bruqi                                 
 To : Mrs.Melania Trump


Highly Respected Mrs. Melanie Trump, the First Lady of the USA!

I take the liberty, since I feel honored to write this friendly letter to you.

I am addressingYou as a Lady, being more than proud of your position as the first Lady of the USA in these historical moments for USA, and the whole world.

I am addressing you first as a mother, taking into consideration the fact your heart is big, a heart which the whole world has a desperate need.

I am addressing you as a parent, due to the fact that you know perfectly clear what parent`s ache means.

I am addressing you as a parent and you as a Slovenian, who as good neighbors with the Albanians, lived under the Yugoslav regime, by undergoing difficult sufferings of this communist period.

My name, the person who is writing this letter is Flori Bruqi, a Kosovar citizen.

I am a writer of more than 50 books, a member of the board of the American – Kosovar Association of Kosova, a director of the public relations of the Albanian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences in New York , Prishtinë , Tiranë and Shkupi .

Being nowadays the First Lady of the USA, and being the wife of the president Donald Trump, who is the symbol of humanity, 

I am kindly asking you to have as much as you can an impact on:

Making Kosova an independent and sovereign state within now more than 100 states all around the world, mostly the western ones!

The state of Kosova, consisiting of ethnic Albanian population and gained it after 100 years thanking to the blood shed of the heroes and martyrs, and above all thanking to USA.

The USA have always been on the side of the Albanians. It is a big country and a heavenly one because it always helps the countries in a need.

I would not like to consume your precious time and talk about the extremely painful history throughout centuries, crowned with the monstrous Serbian genocide.

The main topic nowadaysconsists of the hidden plans insisting upon the chopping of Kosova.

 What is more, Serbia as a state has got two more territories with ethnic Albanian population.

 It is the only place in the world surrounded by Albanians separated by the Big Forces since the Congress of Berlin in 1878.

I am asking you this favor in the name of the 20 000 women who were raped by the Serbs, these horrible massacreshave been already done by the end of the regime of Tito, which expelled from their mother land 500 000 Albanians to Turkey.

I am begging you on the behalf of the tears shed by the mothers whose children are still not found, more than 1,641.

 I am begging you on the behalf of the killed and massacred children by the Serbian Army, thus making an unseen genocide over my people.

How is it possible in the so called `civilized word` the Serbian armed soldiers enter in Albanian houses, massacretheir children and hurl their heads in the pans with boiling water and making the following comments: “Now eat the flash of your children!”

As a writer I would not like to transmit my pain on you, I would have never liked to hurt your big heart blesses by God!

I am begging you to help us, please do not let Kosova to be separated, please help us, let Kosova be free, and my pro-American nation deserves this.

My friend Zef Pergega, a writer and a poet with written books and tens of TV documentaries, also a President of the Albanian-American Institute, and a huge members of the Academy of Sciences and Artsin New-York, conservatives and republicans, who support President Mr.Donad Trump to win once more the elections, is our dream!

All we want is freedom, peace, good neighboring relations with everybody, including the Serbs!

Thank you very much, may God bless you and your family!

May God bless President Trump, the hope of the mankind!

May God Bless America and all its citizens!

Sincerely Yours,
Flori Bruqi
Prishtinë, 15 maj 2020.

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